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Buffalo Wings & Rings Named Best Franchise Opportunity for 2017 by Franchise Business Review
Franchise Business Review surveyed over 26,000 franchise owners, representing more than 350 leading franchise brands, to identify the Top 50 Franchises in four franchise size classes.

When you are looking to start a business, everyone has those moments where you question whether or not you’re making the right long-term decision. But oftentimes, the key to thriving—in business and in life—is finding something that inspires you. The same can be said for franchising. That’s why, Buffalo Wings & Rings believes that its people make the brand—and it’s why so many franchisees have developed a deep-seated passion that’s helping to fuel the brand’s impressive expansion efforts throughout the country.

That kind of franchisee satisfaction can go a long way for a brand—and for Buffalo Wings & Rings, it’s not going unnoticed. Most recently, Franchise Business Review’s Franchisee Satisfaction Awards listed Buffalo Wings & Rings as one of the best franchise opportunities for 2017. The only franchise ranking based on actual franchisee satisfaction and performance, for this year’s top franchise list, Franchise Business Review surveyed over 26,000 franchise owners, representing more than 350 leading franchise brands, to identify the Top 50 Franchises in four franchise size classes.

Backed by a strong system of more 70 locations and counting, Buffalo Wings & Rings is proud to make the elite list.

“Being listed by Franchise Business Review proves that we are on the right track and excelling in all the right areas. We are extremely proud,” Nader Masadeh said, the CEO of Buffalo Wings & Rings. “Often, the key to starting and staying the course as a franchisee is finding something that makes you proud every single day. Buffalo Wings & Rings has always supported and valued the hard-working and dedicated people who have made our brand what it is today—it’s why so many franchisees find success with Buffalo Wings & Rings and eagerly choose to grow with us.”

Buffalo Wings & Rings has long valued the opinions of its franchisees. In fact, for the past decade, the brand had an established internal feedback system, giving them insight on the most critical issues communicated by franchisees. Then, in 2016, Buffalo Wings & Rings decided to subscribe to the Franchise Business Review Feedback system to get an ever better sense of what was working—and what wasn’t working—within its network.

“There were two things that really appealed to us about Franchise Business Review. First, it provided us with a well-known outside third party to perform the survey. And secondly, the fact that all 26,000 franchisees were asked the same questions. When a franchisor receives their grade, they get a benchmark against other franchisors. That has an incredible value for us to decide on priorities.”

Buffalo Wings & Rings’ added advantage comes from its flexible and customizable support model, which has long been a huge differentiator for the brand. They customize their support for each individual based on their level of experience and level of need. Training is also tailored to make sure that every franchisee is set up for success from the moment they sign their agreement to the day they open their doors. From there, Buffalo Wings & Rings puts a strong emphasis on maintaining open communication to offer support whenever it’s needed—from local store marketing and the point-of-sale system to everything else in between.

“The support system is great. You can pick up a phone and call any of the Buffalo Wings & Rings owners directly. They will help you find the answer. And if they miss the call, they’ll return it. It’s clear they take their business very personally. And in return, it makes you want to do the same,” said Todd Fetter, a multi-unit franchisee with the brand.

When Fetter opened his first Buffalo Wings & Rings location in Piqua, Ohio in 2013, he was confident that it would not be his last. Today, with seven locations, he owns the most restaurants in the entire Buffalo Wings & Rings system. Ask Fetter what the experience has been like, and he’ll quickly say that it’s unlike any other professional experience in his life—and that’s a good thing. He credits the support and accessibility coming from the corporate team for helping the brand thrive—without it, Buffalo Wings & Rings wouldn’t have the 70-plus locations it has today.

“Unlike any other business I have ever been involved in, this time, I have no exit plan. I’m often asked when I feel it will be time to move on, but I truly love what I’m doing—and it’s only continuing to grow,” Fetter said. “There is no sunset on the horizon.”

Of course, being a part of a brand that boasts unparalleled growth opportunities, a chef-driven menu and a second-to-none dining experience doesn’t hurt, either. And in the end, all of these elements have created the perfect storm—proving that Buffalo Wings & Rings is the brand to beat in the crowded restaurant industry segment (there are 261,923 different brands, to be exact).

“Buffalo Wings & Rings is a brand that’s heading in the right direction. We have a great leadership team. We have a strong food platform. And we’ve nailed down the perfect family-friendly dining atmosphere,” said Mike Weyer and franchisee in Jasper/Bedford, Indiana. “But above all else, Buffalo Wings & Rings is a brand that takes the time to listen. Every single franchisee has a voice. It’s been an incredible experience that has given me an education and an experience that I can’t buy anywhere else.”