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The Daily Athenaeum: Buffalo Wings & Rings Sets Its Sights on West Virginia
The brand has identified Morgantown, West Virginia as its next city for expansion.

Buffalo Wings & Rings has set its eyes on Morgantown, West Va. as its next city for expansion. Chief Development Officer, Philip Schram cited that because the city is a county seat, Morgantown was a great place for the family-friendly restaurant to plant roots.

According to The Daily Athenaeum, Buffalo Wings & Rings seeks to have a location in the city within the next three to five years. Schram said that the first part of the process for getting a location is finding a franchisee.

"If people are interested in operating a Buffalo Wings & Rings they should contact us at our website, buffalowingsandrings.com," said Schram. "After finding a franchisee, we shop for ideal real estate, then construct the interior once we find a building."

Buffalo Wings & Rings is focused on being a family-oriented restaurant and will strive to serve Morgantown. Additionally, franchisees will be able to give back to the community through the Buffalove Foundation.

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