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FSR Magazine: Executive: Why Franchises Need the Save Local Business Act
Buffalo Wings & Rings Chief Development Officer Philip Schram explains the importance of the Save Local Business Act in providing opportunities to entrepreneurs.

The franchise industry has provided an opportunity for many Americans to achieve their dream of business ownership, including Philip Schram, the co-owner and chief development officer of Cincinnati-based Buffalo Wings & Rings. Schram, who was born in France, has worked with his partners to create the successful elevated sports restaurant franchise model after purchasing Buffalo Wings & Rings in 2005. However, the discussion about new joint employer standards has threatened the entire franchise industry and FSR Magazine recently posted an article written by Schram discussing the need to support the Save Local Business Act (HR 3441) to protect the franchise model.

"We are creating an environment where franchisees are receiving less support from the franchisor, and franchisees are unable to increase their success because of it," writes Schram in FSR.

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