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The 8 Special: Belief in Leadership and a Strong Support System Inspire Franchisees to Continue Growing Alongside Buffalo Wings & Rings
Buffalo Wings & Rings franchisee Al Hauck tells 1851 Franchise Publisher Nick Powills about the mutual respect and trust between the brand’s leadership team and local owners that puts success within reach.

When Buffalo Wings & Rings gathered its team of corporate staff members and franchisees in Clearwater, Florida earlier this year for its annual conference, it did so with one mission: to unify the system in its ongoing efforts to grow and move forward. The conference—which was given the theme “Wings of Fortune”—was designed to highlight past successes while outlining steps that the brand can take to enhance its business ownership opportunity. To get a first-hand look at the momentum behind the Buffalo Wings & Rings brand, 1851 Publisher Nick Powills sat down with some of its top franchisees.

One of those local owners is Al Hauck, who has been with Buffalo Wings & Rings for a decade. In his interview, he explains that the reason he decided to invest with the brand 10 years ago still holds true today—there’s a heightened level of mutual trust, respect and support between Buffalo Wings & Rings’ corporate team and every one of its franchisees.

“Whenever you go out on your own—with any kind of business—a great quote to say is that, ‘You can never go it alone, somebody has to have your back. You need a wingman.’ [Buffalo Wings & Rings’ leadership team] has our back,” said Hauck. “You can’t put a value on that, but you can never do it alone. That resonated with me. This franchise won’t let you do it alone. They’ve got your back.”

To watch the full interview, click here or check out the video above.