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Cincinnati.Com: Buffalo Wings & Rings Employee Continues to See Impact from "Undercover Boss"
Dave Bauer was working as a dishwasher for Buffalo Wings & Rings when he appeared on "Undercover Boss." Now, he works full time for the brand.

Training the CEO of a brand isn't a common skill to add to someone's resume, but for Buffalo Wings & Rings employee Dave Bauer, it is something he can brag about for years to come, thanks to Undercover Boss.

According to a recent article in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Bauer got the chance to train Buffalo Wings & Rings CEO Nader Masadeh, who was acting undercover as Pete, an immigrant from Lebanon, for an episode of the Emmy-nominated CBS show.

As a result of his appearance on the show and the hardworking nature that Masadeh observed, Bauer now works full time with Buffalo Wings & Rings in Cincinnati.

"[The show] had an extremely positive impact on the brand," Masadeh told the Cincinnati Enquirer. "It gave an awareness to everyone how important the staff is."

Masadeh also told the Enquirer that Buffalo Wings & Rings is looking to expand to seven or eight more locations by the end of the year, with more to follow next year.

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