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Crain’s Nashville: Franchises Like Buffalo Wings & Rings Flock to Nashville Market
From hot wings to pet hotels and pest control, Nashville’s growth is attracting a swarm of franchise-based businesses.

There are many franchised concepts that are looking to make their way onto the scene in Nashville. Buffalo Wings & Rings is a franchised restaurant that just opened its first Tennessee location in Franklin but has plans for additional locations to pop up.

According to Crain's Nashville, Dan Doulen, the director of franchise development with Buffalo Wings & Rings said the demographic of Nashville caught the eyes of the development team for the restaurant.

"I don't know that we would necessarily want to go downtown, simply because those are areas that I think local businesses do very well. Some of the national brands may be better suited around that loop closer to the suburbs,” Doulen explained.

The restaurant seeks to grow in areas with a high volume of families and sports fans. Specifically, they look for areas that have median household incomes of $50,000.

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